Michigan Physical Trainer upsets the medical community when he discovers...

1000 Year Old "5 Minute Ritual" Reveals Secret To Decreasing Knee Pain by 58%

For men or women ages 45 to 75 who are tired of "managing" their knee pain with harmful drugs and never experiencing lasting relief...


Dear friend,

Imagine living a life free from knee pain… each day getting better than the day before, rather than worse.

Walking, looking and feeling normal again -- without those achy joints because you fixed them… feeling and moving like you were 20 years younger.

Having knees that are stronger... so you are able to move with ease, and not worrying that as you age you will fall down because you are weak... because you’ve built this energetic body that can handle anything...

Going for a nice bike ride, a walk on the beach or around your neighborhood. Enjoying doing things you love to do, and most importantly spending time with loved ones and friends.

And imagine this... going for a walk without worrying that your knees won’t make it because they’ll be full of energy and pain free...

Think about what you’ll be able to accomplish now... not only running circles around your friends, but even throwing the ball around or having fun in the yard with your loved ones.

Living a better quality of life, longer than what you thought possible…

You can see it now, right?

Well, not only is it possible… but it’s already happening for people around the world…

But how have people just like you done this?

They’ve found a solution to their knee pain, and you can too…

Michigan Caregiver Turned Trainer Publically Speaks Against Pharmaceuticals And Reveals The True Cause of Chronic Knee Pain

Hi, My name is Todd Kuslikis (Koosh- Lick-iss). Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to mispronounce my last name.

A little about myself and how I discovered this unique ritual. From a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by how the body heals itself.

Here’s why...

I still remember a heart-wrenching experience that changed my life forever. I was 5 years old and my cat that I dearly loved was extremely sick and about to die. He was my best bud. I named him "Leo" after Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My favorite cartoon at the time. LOL! Anyways, I remember it like it was yesterday: he was laying there on a cold winter night in Michigan as the snow hit the window and I could hear the sloshing of tires as cars passed by. 

We were both laying on the ground in my parent's living. He was hardly breathing as my tears hit his fur and I pet him - with each stroke maybe being the last.

You see, my family didn’t have enough money to bring him to the vet. My dad said, "Maybe you should feed him sugar water through an eye dropper. At least that way, he'll get some nutrition." 

I decided to try it and for two days, fed him sugar water through the eye dropper.  To my amazement, he started getting better… it was like magic.

It worked…  He slowly regained his strength moving better and better than the day before… and after a few weeks he was fully recovered and back to his normal, lovable Leo again!

That’s where it all began...

From then on, I made it my mission to study and learn how the human body recovered and gained optimal health and vitality.

I started my mission studying traditional Chinese medicine as well as herbal medicine, nutrition, acupuncture and internal healing arts. I realized that these ancient healing techniques dated back thousands of years and worked amazingly well. But I wanted to learn why?

So I embarked on a parallel path of Western Medicine and studied Nursing at Western Michigan University, personal training and human physiology and eventually got my masters degree with a focus on health, so I could understand how to research and dive deep into credible scientific studies.

The insights I discovered over 15 years of studying Eastern and Western medicine gave me the tools to help thousands of people overcome some of the most common some of the most common ailments people are facing today. 

The lessons I learned from my sick cat over three decades ago have stayed with me all these years.

This is what I learned...

The body WANTS and CAN heal itself, you just have to get out of the way and perform simple “recovery” rituals to foster this healing.

I discovered the foundation for this unique ritual while studying at the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences.

There my teacher, Doc, unlocked the thousand year old mysteries of how the human body can heal itself quickly and without harmful drugs... eliminating pain from the body and regaining optimal health and rejuvenation....

And I practiced it myself... I used these techniques on tens of thousands of people to see how effective they really were… and it all led to you reading this today...

So I’m about to reveal to you the true cause of knee pain… and how you can fix it with a 5-minute ritual, but first let’s get into how serious this problem actually is...

You might be thinking… “why haven’t I heard of this?!” After you hear the solution...

Well there are a couple of reckless groups of people that you can blame, but first let’s dive right into the main problem: Why knee pain exists in the first place.

If you are over the age of 45, you might have already been to the doctor, or even told by the doctor to manage knee pain and arthritis with pills.

Advil, Tylenol, other pain pills… you might have even gotten injections in your knee or a full knee replacement…

However, do you know what is actually behind the pain in your knee?

Or the one thing you need to eliminate to GET RID of your pain?

It’s Inflammation...


The #1 Reason You Are Suffering From Knee Joint Pain Right Now


Pain occurs because of a natural response in your body called inflammation. Inflammation is the body's response to something that is wrong. Its a warning signal, yelling ALERT, ALERT! 

Think of inflammation as like a fire in your house. 

And something you don’t want in your joints.

It’s hot, red at times, painful, and it causes you to lose “normal” function of your knees.

Just like you don’t want a fire to take out your house… you don’t want inflammation to take out your knees.

The "secret sauce" behind the 5 minute ritual is like dumping cool water on this fire and eliminating it for good... but before I get to that, you MUST understand the severe dangers of trying to cope with knee pain day after day and the terrible health conditions that are coupled with the knee pain... 



The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) Reports That Arthritis or Joint Pain is “One Of The Top Chronic Conditions Leading To Death And Disability.”


Now “arthritis” is just an informal way of referring to “joint pain” or “joint disease.”

However, knee pain is the most devastating today...

This recently released 76 page authoritative study shocked the medical community and sent chills throughout the industry…

Common signs that it’s getting worse in people’s lives is swelling, pain, stiffness, and lack of a range of motion in the knees…

Knee joint pain is frequently accompanied by one or more other diseases that contribute to a decreased quality of life…

The Harmful Effects Knee Pain Is Having On Your Body and Life


  • Trouble walking
  • Aching, Swollen, and Pulsing Knees
  • Inflamed Knee Joint Pain
  • Constantly Having To Take Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  • Moving in Pain
  • Overweight Due To Pain
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Feeling Older, And Immobile

What Pharmaceutical Companies And Big Hospitals Do NOT Want You To Know About Knee Pain (These Companies Are Making Billions, And People Like You Are Paying The Price.)


Remember when I said there were two “groups” that were hiding the truth about living a pain free life from you?

The first is the pharmaceutical companies. The second is big hospitals.

Why are they doing this to us? Of course, the people behind pharmaceutical companies and hospitals aren't doing it intentionally. But their entire business model is based around you living with pain. They sell drugs that help you "cope" with the pain but never actually get rid of it. And what do the doctors at hospitals say after you go to them? "Take these drugs for the next few years and eventually, you'll have to have a knee replacement." They make money BECAUSE of your pain. The more pain, the more money they make.

Knee joint pain alone costs hard working people more than 27 billion dollars a year.

That’s 27 billion dollars going to the healthcare industry from pockets of people just like you.

It’s a big, big business.

However, what if there was a way to fight back against knee joint pain and possibly avoid surgery in the first place -- or avoid ANOTHER surgery?

What if there was a way to decrease your pain and inflammation… increasing your pain-free movement?

Well there is…

National Institute of Health Exposes Secret Exercise To Decreasing Knee Pain by 58%


According to research from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, there is a single exercise that can decrease your knee pain by 58%.

The purpose of this study was to monitor the pain relief of the knee resulting from isometric quadriceps exercise in patients with knee joint pain…

And… we’ll get to that specific exercise very soon…

But first…

What is Isometrics?

Isometrics is a simple, yet effective and easy exercise where you increase the tension in the muscles without moving your joints.

It gives your body the ability to use its muscles without ever moving… and basically allows your knees to relieve and continue to relieve your pain...

Is this the real deal?

Shocking University Study Results Prove Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Less Effective Than 1000 Year Old Exercise!


A scale to determine your pain levels provided by Western Ontario and McMaster Universities concluded that anti-inflammatory drugs and another type of therapy went against isometrics.

AND… Isometrics successfully outperformed the drugs or pills… in both pain relief and knee joint function.

You probably know by now that Isometrics is the 1000 year old exercise, and you’ve also learned one of the moves that will help you decrease your pain.

However, what’s the secret behind isometrics? Why does it work so well?

With isometrics you are getting rid of inflammation and strengthening your joint at the same time without causing more inflammation like other exercises.

Think of it like this… imagine your painful knee joint as a rubber band. This rubber band is tattered and weak. What would happen if you were to stretch that rubber band? It increases the chances that it would snap, right? Not to mention you'd be weakening it further.

When you have pain in your knee and you exercise it the normal way, you often feel more knee pain because you are stretching that weak rubber band. The result? More inflammation because you are aggravating the injury. Your brain is sensing the pain so it tells your body to produce more inflammation to protect that area. It's an endless cycle that never lets your knee from healing properly.

With Isometrics, that weak rubber band doesn’t actually move. You are building a strong, healthy rubber band without causing more inflammation or aggravation on your knee.

It works best with a systematic ritual of specific exercises working together to create a compound effect on the knee. It uses your body to repair itself rather than foreign drugs…

Why Knee Pain Needs To End Today


  • To be able to walk and get up without pain
  • To lower inflammation without taking pills
  • To release pain without taking pills
  • To live a better life longer
  • To reduce future injuries
  • To increase energy
  • To feel young again so you can keep up with your kids and grandkids

Getting Rid Of Knee Pain Can Be Easy, Fast, And Done At Home Without Any Equipment Using The 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method


I first knew that I had to pursue my goal of helping 1,000,000 people in the world who suffer from knee pain when I sat down and had a talk with my mother, who is 63 years old.

I never knew that my experience and specialties in the fields of rehab and isometrics could help her.

However, as we got to talking, it became more and more evident that sometimes walking was hard for her. Just walking because of knee pain… and I knew I could help people just like her who had pain from work, standing too much or other issues that cause knee joint pain.

You see, I spent over 20 years studying the human body.

I studied human anatomy and physiology, western and eastern recovery techniques and dedicated myself to equipping people with the right tools to allow their bodies to recover in the shortest amount of time. I knew that my experience was perfectly suited to help this time-sensitive problem that people are suffering from.

And I knew I could do it faster than any other solution there is out there right now.

I don’t share this to brag, but I want you to know that I can help you.

I’ve already impacted over 250,000 people from around the world through health and fitness, and over 20,000 with my isometrics techniques...

I’ve written for places like Military.com -- and side fact… due to the pressure that armed forces take to their knees, ⅓ of them suffer from knee joint pain.

However, I’ve never been more committed than I am right now, today… to helping you ease your knee joint pain… just how I’ve helped other people like you.

One thing I do want to make clear to you… you don’t want to just go do “any isometric exercises”... that would be a mistake.

Based on over 20 years of experience, I have formulated a 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method that will fix your problem.

Because the Method is the solution -- not exercises… as you’ll see very soon.

How Can The Feel Good Knees Method Be So Powerful?


Relief Secret # 1

It’s Easy: On The Knees, And On Your Schedule.

Your time is valuable. Period. So in order to relieve your joint pain it has to be something that’s not only fast, but easy to understand. However, it also has to be effective.

Sadly, it seems to me that the pharmaceutical and medical industry don’t want a solution like this to affect their 27 billion dollar industry.

But if you want to be free of knee joint pain, you don’t want to opt for surgery, pills or another expensive route to getting rid of this urgent, annoying knee pain…

You just want a solution!

That’s where Feel Good Knees comes in.

It’s quick, easy, effective, and will relieve your knee joint pain at the source.


Relief Secret # 2

All Natural Knee Joint Pain Relief.

There are the alternative routes that are much more expensive: knee replacement surgery, a chiropractor, or the damage you can do to your body with pain pills or anti-inflammatory drugs.

And let's not forget the horrible side-effects that come along with NSAIDs or other pills like diarrhea, bleeding stomach, high blood pressure, and kidney problems… not to mention addiction.

The good news is, there’s a better way.

I’ve combined 20 years of experience with healing the human body, my training in Eastern Medicine, along with my training as a nurse in Western Medicine, and joined all that with deep analysis of the latest techniques to release your body from knee joint pain.

So you don’t just get one type of “medicine." You get proven techniques that have worked for others around the world, along with the latest research in natural knee pain relief.

Healing yourself is about what’s right for you. In my years of experience, I know that there isn’t a 'one size fits all' solution… however, I’ve combined and incorporated different, specific exercises in this method, in order to release the knee pain from more than one approach.

And given you 2 FREE GIFTS to accelerate your results.


Relief Secret # 3

Can Makes You Feel 20 Years Younger.

There is a problem that happens when it hurts to move, or you suffer from knee joint pain. It makes you feel older than you actually are.

Walking with discomfort is never fun, and it usually only gets worse and worse.

It could even be as bad as experiencing swelling, pain, stiffness, and lack of a range of motion in the knees.

However, when you are using the Feel Good Knees Method, having pain-free knees is within your grasp, even if it's seemed like you’d never be able to get rid of it.

Introducing... Feel Good Knees



Feel Good Knees is an easy-to-follow method that only takes 5 minutes a day to do. If you are already on a workout program, that’s great, because you can use this right alongside it to ease your pain-ridden knees, lower your inflammation, and increase your energy and overall well-being, so you can finally feel young again.

This program is so quick and easy, you’re going to be shocked at how fast you're free of knee joint pain.

This 5 minute method is unlike anything else in the world. How do I know this?

I did the due diligence and researched every product claiming to help knee joint pain but they were either too complicated, you needed a ton of equipment or they took a long time.

However, this is a simple yet effective method where you don’t need any equipment and it only takes 5 minutes.

Is this for everyone?

No, it’s not… if you don’t have 5 minutes to invest in a pain-free life, your health, and your body… then please leave the page now.

Listen, I’m just being honest. I can’t help you unless you are here to help yourself. So let me, okay?

To show you how committed I am to helping you today, not only have I included two bonuses but a “Pain Reduction Guarantee” that you’ll see below your bonuses.


If You Order Today You’ll Receive Two FREE Feel Good Gifts


That’s right.

You’re going to get a Pain Reduction Guarantee, so Feel Good Knees HAS to work for you…

And on top of that, you’re also going to get a 100% Money Back Guarantee as well when you invest in yourself today.

That’s how confident I am that I’ve brought the right formula together for you to free you of knee joint pain.

Again, I’ll take all the risk, so you can move forward risk free.

Fair enough?


How Much Would It Be Worth To Be Free Of Knee Pain?


For most people suffering from knee pain… they can’t put a number on much it would be worth.

Because it’s going to be truly life changing for you.

Now, you know that you can continue in pain, however this life of suffering and pain does not have to be your fate... especially with all of the relief that Feel Good Knees can offer you.

Listen, let me be frank… if you insist on continuing to live with this type of pain… here’s what you have to look forward to.

Low energy, feeling OLDER THAN YOU ARE, walking in pain, and sadly being left behind by loved ones and the people you care about, because you just can’t move like you could have been able to with this simple solution.

However, this doesn’t have to be your path.

You can now live your life free of pain. With each day being better than the day before.

Walking, looking and feeling normal again -- without these achy joints because you fixed them… feeling like you’re moving like you were 20 years younger.

Having knees that are stronger so you are able to move with ease, and not worry that as you age you will fall down because you are weak... because you’ve built this energetic body that can...

Go for a nice bike ride, a walk on the beach or around your neighborhood. Enjoy time doing things you love to do, and most importantly, spend time with the ones you love and friends.

Listen, for one session of physical therapy… you are going to pay at least 100 dollars… not including your time and gas. And of course that’s only if you need one session…

However, most of the time people need multiple sessions… and some people need even months of sessions!

At $100 a piece… you can be looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars…

But I don’t want that for you…

So this is where I want to help you out.

If you take action right now, and choose the path you know deep down is the right one.

Truth is, this program has $42,876.57 I INVESTED into it.

And because it is the same as having “Months” of physical therapy sessions....

I should probably charge at least $497.00.

However, I’m not evening going to charge close to the value of this program…

And to do you one last favor… I’m not even going to charge you for how much one physical therapy session would cost you… So yup, less than $100… and that’s already over 75% OFF!

You can get your copy of Feel Good Knees with your 3 FREE Gifts for just one payment of $37.

That’s it.

You’ll get the Feel Good Knees Videos, The Full Program, Your Pain Reduction Tracker And Your Two Free Gifts with my “Pain Reduction Guarantee” and “60 Day Money Back Guarantee.”

I take all of the risk so that you don’t have to.

The Time Is Now For Your Knees To Feel Good Again…


Claim yours now, with your free bonuses!


37$ Today - Normally 97$

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This is new. And the truth is, a lot of people want things that are old and been around for a long time… however the problem is they don’t exist or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now. We want to solve the problem you have, so I used my background in alternative medicine and my network of experts in the field that took me 15 years to build. And I’m bringing this to you so that you can finally have a knee that is functioning pain-free.

You have to do it. This is not a pill that you can take and it’s magically going to make all of your knee pain go away. As you already know, most of the pills are causing more damage than good… taking years off of your life, while I am offering something for you to add years on.

Why 37$? Is this a scam?

No, no it’s not. Listen, I’m on a mission to ease 1,000,000 people from their pain this year and I know that most people can’t afford or can’t budget 170$ a session for massage therapists, 180$ a session for a chiropractic appointment and 200$ a session for a rehab specialist, or even 100$ a session with a physical therapist...

I knew there had to be a better way to ease people of their pain, and that’s why Feel Good Knees came into existence. Instead of paying 500$ a week to ease your pain or 2000$ a month…

And that’s not including the drive to the office, the time it takes to go to each appointment and how long the session is...

A one time payment of 37$ was realistic for you to end your knee pain…

The Time Is Now For Your Knees To Feel Good Again…


Claim yours now, with your free bonuses!


37$ Today - Normally 97$

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If you insist on continuing to live with this type of pain… here’s what you have to look forward to.

Low energy, feeling OLDER THAN YOU ARE, more being prone to injury or falling, walking in pain, and sadly being left behind by loved ones and the people you care about, because you just can’t move like you could have been able to with this simple solution.

The time is now.

Like my mom always told me… don’t do something tomorrow you could have done today.





Will this help me burn fat and lose weight?

This program alone only takes 5 minutes… and although it will help you burn calories, stay active, and give you energy… Feel Good Knees is meant to reduce your knee pain, so you can get back to enjoying things as simple as walking or things as advanced has enjoying your favorite sport!


Will I be able to do this even if I’m injured?

Yes, however if you have an injury it’s always best to consult your doctor before starting any program.


What’s the best time of the day to do Feel Good Knees?

Anytime! The best part about it is that it only takes five minutes. So you can do it day or night…


How many times a week do I have to do Feel Good Knees?

You can do it 3-6 times a week because it’s such a low impact exercise routine, however we advise at least 4 times a week.


I’ve had knee surgery, is Feel Good Knees okay to do?

Yes, however if you have an previous surgery it’s always best to consult your doctor before starting any program.


I just want to get back to my workout routine but my knees are bothering me, is this for me?

This is the perfect program for getting back into it if you are suffering from knee pain… you are exactly who I made this for!


Who do I contact if I have any questions about the program? I’ve tried online programs before and nobody helped me.

Easy, you can email me at todd@feelgoodknees.com. I’m here to serve you and help you live a better life. You are not alone!


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